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Object Oriented Programming

● Design Pattern

● ADL(Architecture Design Language)

● UML(Unified Modeling Language)

Domain Driven Design

Ubiquitous Language

Software Architecture Conformance Checking

● Reflexion Model

Functional Programming

● Lambda Expression

● Reactive Programming

Information Retrieval and Extraction

● Semi-structured Information Extraction

● Information Integration 

● Knowledge-based Wrapper Induction

● Customized Comparison Shopping

응용분야 : 반 구조화된 문서에서 정보 추출, 지식 통합, 지식기반 정보 추출 규칙 생성

Semantic Web

● Ontology-based Recommendation System

● Web Annotation 

● Semantic Search 

● Intelligent Robots

응용분야 : 에이전트 기반의 웹 서비스 제공과 Annotation이나 Authoring 등과 같은 유용한 응용 프로그램의 개발

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